We work with a large number of healthcare organizations, pharmacies, hospitals, international warehouses and suppliers in 62 countries in order to provide suitable treatment options at affordable prices for the patients.


Clinical trials are usually conducted at a hospital or a medical centre and involve healthy volunteers or patients. It is usually not necessary for the volunteers or patients to stay at the hospital or in the medical centre throughout the trial but the effects of the medicine are closely monitored and followed by highly qualified personnel.
As a supplier of clinical trials, we meet expectations and demands within the framework of the entire procedure. Together with our strong supplier network, we are able to present the desired quantity of products as a single batch and protect the principle of confidentiality throughout the entire supplying process.


We work in cooperation with the ministries of health of many countries about the SHORTAGE LIST. We perform all kinds of product supply for the relevant ministries of health quickly and at competitive prices. We provide the shipment procurement that the ministries have requested from us.


Medimpex provides patients in need with medicines in all circumstances with a number of Humanitarian Aid Associations in the international and local projects.

Our Principles of Confidentiality and Confidentiality Policy:

• Medimpex Ecza Deposu A.S. guarantees the following principles of confidentiality for all its customers and suppliers using this website herein.
• Medimpex Ecza Deposu A.S. does not share any information and/or order contents, which are sent by the private and legal persons, who are the users of this website herein, while creating an order, with private or legal third parties