Our group, which was established in 1987 in order to do wholesale and bulk distribution of pharmaceuticals to pharmacies in the internal market, started to establish and serve many pharmaceutical warehouses around Turkey in 1993 by changing its regional structure and by growing. Our group, which started to lead the sector in 2000 by becoming the leader of the sector, has cooperated with a leading international distribution channel of the world’s pharmaceutical sector. Our group ended its internal market activities at the peak in 2015 and started to work in the field of exporting and importing medicines. Our group, which continues to operate under the name of Medimpex (Medicine Import Export) brand, where its name originates from its field of activity in 2016, today serves with 30 years of experience in 62 countries around the world.


• 30 years of experience,

• Competitive price policy,

• Quick supply,

• Quality shipment with a leading expert team,

• The ability to adapt to technological developments quickly.


1. To deliver solutions that make our customers' business easier by working efficiently and in a disciplined way and to create a pleasant and harmonious working space by developing extraordinary potentials.
2. To play a leading role in the development of the sectors which we operate in, to add value to our shareholders, our business partners and to society.


1. To establish long-term and sustainable relationships with our business partners by ensuring that our customer and supplier satisfaction is at a high level.
2. To become a significant player in global markets as well as being constantly at leading positions in the internal market in these lines of business by making investments in strategic business fields continuously.

Our Principles of Confidentiality and Confidentiality Policy:

• Medimpex Ecza Deposu A.S. guarantees the following principles of confidentiality for all its customers and suppliers using this website herein.
• Medimpex Ecza Deposu A.S. does not share any information and/or order contents, which are sent by the private and legal persons, who are the users of this website herein, while creating an order, with private or legal third parties