Medimpex guarantees to its customers to make the shipment that they require. The shipment may be prepared in triplex export boxes, export containers, palletized shipment or cold chain Styrofoam boxes in line with the measurements and weights requested by our customers. The products are made ready for the shipment after being placed in accordance with the relevant carrier box and the strapping and stretching operations are made. Our company, which adapts quickly to all kinds of innovations and technological developments in shipping, plans shipments specific to its customers.

Shipment Methods We Use;

  • vektör1
    Road Shipment
  • vektör2
    Airline Shipment
  • vektör3
    Sea Shipment
  • vektör4
    Courier Shipment
  • vektör5
    Cold Chain Shipment
  • vektör6
    Multimodal Shipment

Our Principles of Confidentiality and Confidentiality Policy:

• Medimpex Ecza Deposu A.S. guarantees the following principles of confidentiality for all its customers and suppliers using this website herein.
• Medimpex Ecza Deposu A.S. does not share any information and/or order contents, which are sent by the private and legal persons, who are the users of this website herein, while creating an order, with private or legal third parties